Monograph of Crinipellis and Chaetocalathus PUB16-0003

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Vladimir Antonin is a mycologist at the Botany Dept. of the Moravian Museum, Brno, Czech Republic and is specialized in White-spored agarics. He studied in Brno (Masaryk University) and Prague (Charles Unviersity). He is the co-author of three monographs of European species of marasmioid and collybioid genera (1993, 1997, 2010) and a monograph of European species of the genera Hemimycena, Delicatula, Fayodia, Gamundia, Myxomphalia, Resinomycena, Rickenella and Xeromphalina (2004; all together with M.E. Noordeloos). In 2007, he published a monograph of tropical African Marasmius, Gloiocephala, Palaeocephala, and Setulipes (volume 1 of Fungus Flora of Tropical Africa). Since 2004 Vladimir Antonin is the President of the Czech Scientific Society for Mycology. He is a Editor-in-Chief of the journal Czech Mycology (Czech Republic), and a member of the editorial board of the journals Österreichische Zeitschrift für Pilzkunde (Austria), Acta Musei Moraviae-Sci. Biol. (Czech Republic), and the editor of Mykologické Listy, a members bulletin of Czech Scientific Society for Mycology.

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